I worked out over 30 years in Denver’s Bible Park. I have many fond memories of the park and made a few friendships. It had great exercise stations, and I used the park for my disc golf practice. It was one of the many regrets I had when leaving Denver.

I hoped to find a replacement here in Wilmington, and I discovered a great neighborhood for running with a quaint park with a some exercise equipment. It’s not exactly a replacement for Bible park, but it serves me well. I think of it as my park, since I have yet to see anyone else use it.


Cardio for Seniors

We all want to live a long and healthy life. The best indicator of longevity is VO2 max. Only one kind of exercise will improve your VO2 max, and that’s aerobic exercise, but a special way to exercise aerobically.
Cardio for Seniors explains the importance of VO2 max and how it is essential for longevity. The book provides a wide gamut of potential aerobic exercise and how to most effectively utilize the exercise to maximize your VO2 max.

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Human Isokinetics

Human Isokinetics is an effective and efficient muscle mass builder.HI builds mass with three 20-minute weekly workouts Human Isokinetics is much safer than other forms of power exercise, and safe for anyone—even for advanced seniors.  Building muscle mass has other health benefits beside improved strength. It also builds bone density and maintains a healthy hormonal balance.

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Senior Human Isokinetics

Senior Human Isokinetics is a re-editing of the original Human Isokinetics for seniors with new chapters devoted expressly for seniors. Human Isokinetics is an effective and efficient exercise for developing muscle mass, which also develops bone mass, protecting against osteoporosis.

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